4 Ukrainian military killed in Donbas – media 09/09/2016

Four Ukrainian soldiers were killed and four others injured in fighting in the Donbas conflict in the past 24 hours, Ukrainian news service TSN reported, citing its own sources.

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One of the injured is in serious condition, but stable. Despite the pronounced ceasefire, the militants fired rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns in the town of Maryinka. It is has been disclosed that one of the victims is Vadym Matrosov, an intelligence officer of the Donbas-Ukraina battalion, with the nom de guerre «Boatswain.» He showed himself as a true warrior during clashes with the enemy. Read also «Ceasefire» in Donbas: Militants fire 120mm mortars in Mariupol sector Even before the ceasefire, «Boatswain» repeatedly penetrated enemy positions and established the Ukrainian flag there. He also broadcast a hymn loudly every morning so that it could be heard both by Ukrainian soldiers and the enemy. Living in Odesa region, he had a wife and three-year-old twin daughters.

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